HR course in English?

Hi All. I am required to do a HR course (which must have some content on Swiss employment law and Swiss social insurances) for my Swiss recruitment agency license, which after 2.5 years here, I was granted recently by SECO. I have done a lot of research and have found several courses, but in all cases the exam is in French or German. My French is improving (no German) and I would be happy to do the course which is online, in French, but I think I would struggle with the exam. So, my question is, does anyone know of any HR courses with option to do the exam through English? Thanks. Ken

In order to help you would we need to know if that course is something well defined with some standardized Swiss exam?

Otherwise: a one second google searchf for “Schweiz HR Kurs English” got me immediately to a one day seminar covering Swiss employment law in English……-know-english/

I dont know the school or anything about it, but it seems to be what you are looking for?

Hi Treverus. Thanks very much for your reply to my post. I will certainly contact that college you mentioned, however my understanding from the people I have been engaging with at SECO is that it needs to be a longer certificate or diploma type course. The one that they have approved for me to do takes a few months, starting April, with exam in October (the exam being in French or German). Link here;…el-e-learning/

No. If you pass the exam you will be able to use a "titre protégé avec certificat" (ein geschützter Titel in German) which means that you will be granted a Swiss qualification. These exams can only be taken in a Swiss language. So you can sit the exam in German, French or Italian. You will need a French level of B2. While the exam will not ask for perfect French you will need to take it in French and be able to answer in French. Most probably in both a spoken and written exam.

If your French is not up to B2 you will need to work on your French first before you can take the exam. And possibly also the prepartation class. You could ask them if you can sit into an hour or two to see if you can follow.

If you are not sure of your level of French there are online tests. I think ecole club / Klubschule offers them online if you look at the language classes. They are usually free and give you an indication.

In this course you will need specific vocabulary. This might not be easy. Will it not be easier to look for a job in an agency where you will work in French and learn the vocab needed and then, once your French is up for it, take this exam and become self-employed?

Thanks for the reply. However it is not a question of taking a job in another agency, as I own the agency! And I already have the agency license from SECO, but it is on condition of me doing an approved HR course sometime in 2024. I am working hard at my French, but not at that level yet..

You could always ask if it is possible to have a translator sit the exam with you. I don't know if it is possible in this situation, but for example in a driving test it is.

Wow, thats a great idea, I will ask them, thank you!

Unfortunately, the body who arrange and certify formal HR qualifications in Switzerland have said no to my request for a translator. And SECO replied to me today to say that that English langauge course by the Swiss Academy is not sufficient. So I am back to square one..