Ice on driveway - potential liability?

Having slipped in the morning and narrowly escaping some serious damage, I was left wondering whether I am liable if someone ( e.g. the postman ) gets hurt while on my driveway.

Yes, you can be held liable.…r-muss-raeumen

True, which is why we have liability insurance.

But anyone trying to sue you can only recover what the health, accident and liability insurances didn’t cover. There are no ‘punitive’ damages.

In our previous home the mailbox was not along the road but you had to go up a few stairs.

While I am not a fan of salt you can put down other mixtures. We also installed a handrail.

On a side note, I see that there are solar panels available for surfaces you walk on. But if there is no sun for several days, I guess they won't be terribly useful.

In my experience, the post delivery people are accustomed to less than ideal conditions. It doesn't mean you are not liable but they do wear sensible footwear.