I'm fed up replacing gamepad every few months

My weekend is ruined, can’t play anymore. The irritation reached the point that instead of spending again 100 franks for a replacement xbox controller I decided to google for alternatives, alas there are durable sticks
Reviving the Classic: The Hall Effect Xbox Controller Makes a Comeback (thegamingwatcher.com)

The cheaper, wired, one one sells for just ~$50

Have a nice weekend folks

What the hell do u do to them. My husband games a lot (PlayStation) and I don’t think he’s ever had one break. If it ruins your weekend then I think you should maybe take a look at your addiction.

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I guess I regret buying xbox x instead of PS5 :person_shrugging: but now it’s a point of no return

classic potentiometer joysticks should be enough for a common sense use, and I guess I’m one of them as I don’t have 40h a week to play games. Note, nothing breaks on the xbox controllers, the shafts are perfectly fine, but the x-y positioning in the game becomes random, it’s like trying to control a car on the ice

To me MS controllers feel like they made with planned-obsolesce as a priority

  1. Stop losing at Rocket League
  2. Buy the Wireless Elite Controller, it’s worth it
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Wow. Even my kids didn’t manage to break Xbox controllers yet. We have standard wireless ones.

The package has already arrived this week

It’s totally worth it.

I would also consider 8bitdo.

Some have hall effect joysticks

Thanks. GameSir works really well, better than the original, and the 3 m long cable doesn’t bother me.

Hmm, interesting. I’ve been using the xbox “elite” controller and it has been extremely sturdy. Myself and my teenage son have the habit of abusing the controller as it’s usually the reason why we’re getting fragged despite our otherwise flawless gaming :slight_smile:

But always happy to look for alternatives. My xbox is hidden in a rack, so wireless is a must though

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I was going to buy the Elite controller, but I did research first why the original one broke. That’s how I found out that the Elite controller is just the same, only costs more.

Believe me, the hall sensors are incredible. I feel as I have total control of the game persona. With the xbox one it was more like trying to control it.

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