Importing car + household

We are planning to import our household items within 90days of registering in CH.

We'd like to import our >6 month owned car first (end Sep) and then Household items (end Oct) still within the 90 days.

Does anyone know if we are allowed to import car / household in two tranches or this needs to happen in one go at the Zoll?

We are moving to CH from Germany.

Declare it as Teilumzug. Worked for me.

Great one! thank you

Which document were you asked for at the Border for the car import (given its DE)? Teil 1 was enough (to show you have ownership?)

We did it too. Two cars at two different times and the household stuff at another time.

Also when I wanted to bring some stuff from my mum’s place from the UK after she’d died that was also considered as part of our move here as it was within 12 months of the move.

So we are still allowed to import household effects until 12 months after registration? thought the deadline is 90 days.

That what we were told and it’s what I did. Things may have changed in the meantime but I doubt it.

What documents did you need to provide re the car?

This is what I see for the regular import (when you pay VAT) since this is household goods - wonder if it is the same list of docs required for the car?

1.Invoice and/or contract of sale

2.Vehicle/vessel registration document and/or registration certificate (even if already cancelled)

3.Proof of identity (passport, identity card)

4.Import customs declaration (e-dec declaration)

5.Proof of origin from seller if available

I'm pretty sure google can tell you. I'm pretty sure there is no 90 day or other set limit.

The form is 18.44

All is nicely explained on the Swiss Customs website:…-effects-.html

Specially see Form 18.44 , the explanation , and the FAQ and the other linked informations.

Be aware that you don't own a leased car.

Be aware that leasing, owning, or having used the car is the same for household import. See FAQ #17 and #18.