Indian food delivery or Indian cook around Stafa

Dear all,

If there are any options for the delivery of Indian food around Stafa, please let me know. we are also looking for an Indian cook who can cook regularly (few times in a week) for our family of 4 at our home.

any pointers in this direction are highly welcome.

Thanks in advance


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I believe its difficult then to get Indian food around Stafa on a regular basis.....

Google throws up a few possibilities but I imagine asking a chef to cook for you personally at home is not something that is particularly common, hence the sparse replies. You could always put through some calls to them to ask?

No idea if they deliver though.

Indian food is not so popular around here.

There are enough complaints about the spice and the smell.

I love it and cook it regularly but I don't live near Stafa and I'm not cooking for you!

You may have luck looking on a Tamil forum if there is one.

Quite easy to find a private chef to cook for you, salary ranges around here are in the 80k-120k/year + employer contributions + holidays, etc.

I think part of the issue is, culturally private chefs in CH don't do "a few times a week".

If you wanted a private chef on an ad-hoc basis (professional) they would essentially charge you for the hours they cannot work that evening elsewhere, travel time and whatnot. So expect to pay between 100-200chf per person, per meal. Sites like can help you find a chef. Remember that costs are typically excluding ingredient costs. If you expect them to go shopping for you, then expect to pay for the time it takes them to go shopping + travel time. Prep time is typically included in a per-meal cost, but paid normally in a per-hour cost model. For a meal, calculate 4-6 hours (1-2 hours of shopping, an hour or so to prep, and an hour or so to cook... typically they will also wait you, serve the food and cleanup - all of which counts on the clock)

Delivery from a restaurant may be easier. Chalet India is just a short ferry ride away, and is pretty decent. Doubt they will deliver across the pond though, so you may need to jump on the ferry. Another option would be to find someone willing to collect/deliver - if regular, you could strike a deal with a local taxi driver... or approach a restaurant you like, and even if they wouldn't normally deliver to Stafa, come up with an agreement for an extra payment...

Golden India are in Zürich now. Their restaurant in Zermatt is great. They do take away at my local one, but not sure they’d deliver from Zürich to Stäfa.

Well, you could try for a home delivery. There is apparently also an Indian restaurant called “Namaste” in Uetikon which can deliver to Stäfa. I don’t know it but if you move to Thun there are at least 2 Indian restaurants I could recommend.

Try based in Erlenbach. They seem to do catering and cooking classes so might be worth a try to contact them.

I shared your post to my neighbor in Herrliberg whom cooks casually and sells her dishes time to time. But she’s busy this month. She might contact you in Feb if she has time.

I believe that may be the same chain as the Namaste in Oerlikon and that's the best Indian food I've found in Switzerland by far. Its even better than my usual local one back in the UK and at least 4 people I know who've been there with me some of whom have been here well over a decade say the same.

The only minor niggle with the Oerlikon one is their naan breads are on the flat side like other places here rather than big and thick and fluffy like in the UK but otherwise top notch.