Insect identification

Anyone know what this little beastie is? Seen a couple of them, mostly round the cat’s food area. About 7mm long.

More importantly, is it harmful in any way, like wood-eating larvae sort of thing?

Looks like a stink bug. Touch it and if you end up gagging you‘ll know.

Anthocomus rufus

Feeds on plants and small insects. Harmless.


Update: I fired off an enquiry here

and got an answer this morning.

Very exciting. This is one of the soft-winged flower beetles, family Melyridae, and more specifically the Scarlet malachite, Malachius aeneus. It is completely harmless to people, houses and cats.

It is best released outdoors as - ‘there has been a severe decline in recent decades but it remains locally common in some parts of northern Europe (’ The adults feed on pollen and nectar but are also predators of smaller invertebrates.


I got the family right at least!

My great aunt was quite the entomologist and used to work at the Natural History Museum in London (doing research, not as a museum guide!)


I’d found both of these and a couple of other possibles via image searches, but wasn’t quite convinced. The rear end of the Anthocomus rufus was quite different in some photos from others, which is why once I’d found that site I thought I’d check with the real experts.

Top service. I was very impressed with the personal reply.

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