Investing in Bitcoin ETFs

Unfortunately due to FCA regulations on Interactive Brokers UK, trading of crypto-currency based instruments is not permitted for MiFID non-professional clients like myself.

Wondering if anyone can share their preferred low-cost investment platform that permits full access to bitcoin and bitcoin ETFs?


Swissborg is a highly credible app, and even better you can buy ‘real’ Bitcoin not just an ETF.

-download app
-send CHF
-buy bitcoin

They are Swiss and legit:

Thanks but when I look at their fees it’s far from inspiring…expensive and confusing is what initially comes to my mind -

  • unless I’m missing something?

Jut buy bitcoin on an exchange like kraken, binance, etc, and send it to a paper wallet or hardware wallet. No need to pay fees to ETF providers.

I'd rather not have to open a separate account and go through the rigmarole of separate wallets etc.

I am ideally looking for a regular broker that also allows the purchase of bitcoin and related products. Unfortunately IB doesn't

what's confusing?

deposit CHF = free

swap to BTC = <1.49%

custody = 0%

not sure what more you'd want ha, it's not exactly expensive

If you are here I suppose you've moved to Switzerland. Tell IB - they'll change your domicile - poof, MIFID rules gone and you can YOLO into any instrument you want!

1.49% per trade = 2.98% for a buy/sell. I consider that very expensive.

Then some kind of monthly "thematic" fee of 0.25%.

Then withdrawing funds is another 0.1%, min chf4.50/max110chf per transaction.

Then they have 6 profiles, each with different fee levels for other items which I can't be bothered to read.

As I said, I consider it expensive and confusing. It would be great if there was a simple, inexpensive solution like IB but seems tricky to find.

Have you successfully done this?

IB support told me it is not driven by my residence location, but instead it is a blanket rule for all IB UK clients no matter where they live.

I'm not aware of any way to transfer my account to another IB entity, this doesn't seem to be possible via the support team?