Is it allowed to drive a car with hail damage?


I need a second car.

I want the cheapest-to-own trouble-free car possible. The car will be mostly outside and I don't care about aesthetics.

I found some cheap cars with heavy hail damange.

If the windshield, mirrors and lights are fix, Can the car be used, pass a MFK etc?




One little fly in the ointment, so to speak. Windows can only be fixed when the damage is in certain areas, these CarGlass type shops have a template that they use to determine if a window can be fixed or has to be replaced.

So long as the body is structurally sound it will pass the MFK no problem. I drove my old beloved 2006 Subaru Justy into the ground. I got it second hand in 2015 for very cheap, as it had tons of scratches, bumps, and dents.

It did once fail an MFK/expertise but I was expecting it to: just before my expertise someone clipped my driver's side rearview mirror while I was parked on the street and cracked the plastic casing. The mirror was functioning but I didn't have time to get it fixed so I did the expertise anyways. It failed on this point, but as the person explained it to me the problem was more than cosmetic: the casing was clearly on the point of disintegrating, and there would have been protruding sharp pieces of plastic which could be a hazard. He told me all the other bumps and bruises the car had were no problem.

My current car has hail damage. It was officially signed off as "totalled" but I am allowed to continue driving it as long as it passes the canton's vehicle inspection (which it has until now).