Is the behavior of my tax agent normal?

I permanently left Switzerland and hire a tax agent to conduct tax refund for me. In the tax refund form, without discussion with me, the agent puts his own email as the contact email, his home address (not his company address) as the contact address and his own bank account as the account that the refund should go to.

It may be reasonable to put his own account considering the fact that I left Switzerland and cannot keep swiss bank account anymore.

However, in this way, I am completely out of the refund process and cannot have any visibility to the details.

Does anyone know whether this is normal?

The first two are fine but the bank account not. Swiss tax authorities will issue a refund to a foreign account as well so there is no reason for him to give them his account number.

Agreed - but some agents do this as they charge a percentage of the refund as a fee... and they take it out of the refund before forwarding it.

Dodgy af... but it's sometimes done

If you have concerns, you can always contact the tax authorities to get confirmation.

Wow! Didn't know that. But shouldn't the OP have known that / been told that?

Absolutely yes - though it would be in the fine print.

Also very commonly done by airline delay refund brokers - they'll get the 300-600euro, and then pass you a few rappen back.

Thanks for this useful hint.

Thanks for this useful hint.