Is the Great British Pint under threat again?

You would have thought the future of the great British Pint of beer would have been assured after having seen off the EU ( & its directives ) as well as metrication attempts to change it.
Now we find climate change could become the death knell for the English hop growing region of Kent therefore researchers are looking at finding a more heat resistant Hop gene that can stand upto the rigours of climate change in the UK.

BBC News - Scientists help save British Pint from climate change


I’m more optimistic. First of all, the British beer styles, although not my taste, are unique and have carved out a loyal global fan base. Second, if you take a look at other major hop growing areas outside of Europe, they’ve been in arid areas anyway. Yakima valley, the prime and premium hop producing area of the US is practically a desert.

I’m more worried about the impact of climate change on barley rather than hops. Heat stress tends to produce higher protein and lower starch levels. For good beer we need higher starch and just enough protein


Before the vote Boris called UK legal immigration of 330,000 a scandal and urged voters to get back control!

So, in 2023 the legal immigration numbers exceeded 600,000. People on boats around 30,000.

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So are you suggesting that migration is the cause for the strain on hops production? :slight_smile:

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All those imigrantes could have drank less pints? With the crisis of hops production and all…

I did wonder what was the relevance of immigration figures. I hadn’t taken into account the massive effect on overall beer consumption.

British beer for the Brits? :slight_smile:
I think every beer producer would be happy to sell more beer; however, the problem seems to be a disfunction in the supply chain, as explained.
Correlation is not causation. :slight_smile:

Well, I’d speculate that post-Brexit, the structure of the migrants to England has changed substantially. If before a lot were EU, thus beer drinking, post brexit its most probably coming from non-alcohol consuming places. I.e. beer consumption should be flat at best, probably declining.



In decline, it seems. Bunch of lightweights these days…

The proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds who report drinking alcohol in the last week fell from 67% in 2002 to 37% in 2021. The decline was even steeper for younger teens. In England, the proportion of 15-year-olds who have drunk alcohol in the past week fell from 52% to 20% between 2001 and 2021,

From here.


Social media and mobile phone cameras. If those existed when i was a teenager I’d probably not be the drunkard I’m today. Can’t blame them, can only pity them:)

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Apropos Pint.
One of my cringeiest memories from Malta, one that makes you want to burn your British passport and never mention it again is watching a group of sunburned Brits, havn´t been off the plane for much more than an hour bursting into the pub and shouting really loud: “A pint of your cheapest lager love!”
Can you imagine them shouting: “A half liter of your cheapest Lager love!” Which would have been correct as Malta serves the “Halbe”
Even the familiar British pint glass was half a liter and I think that fact would blow the fuses in the Engalund, engalund bedlambritish brain.

Ah the memories.

Recently there was a report in Bayern2 about the hop growing areas in Germany and that the farmers in the Hallertau and Tettnang were becoming increasingly desperate due to the fact that the plants dont seem to like the climate change. It is projected that if nothing changes the Hallertau and Tettnang strain of Hops will become extinct in less than 10 years.

…if that won’t convince people that climate change is real…I don’t know what else will!!! :grinning:

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