Leaving Apartment after many years - do I pay for damages?


I'm leaving my apartment after 7Years.

Do I need to pay for 100% of the "damages"

Let me explain.

I was told (by a friend) that if I stayed in my Zurich CH apartment for 10years then any damage they found (normal wear and tear) I would NOT have to pay for.

They then said If I left after only 7years I only had to pay for a % of the damages.

1) is any of that correct?

2) Where can I find that this is written

3) If this is correct, do you know the percentage

4) My ReFrigerator has a broken tray or two (totalling 80chf on manufacturers website) -- I can buy replacement parts at normal price, or do I just let them buy it, assuming I get a certain % off due to living there for so long.

thanks for the help

Yes, you have to pay 100% of what is above "normal wear and tear". This latter is obviously open to interpretation.

Replace the fridge stuff yourself.

Fill any holes in the walls

Get it cleaned well.

The more you leave for the landlord to bill you with, the less of your deposit you will get back


I thought the %discount was a really weird thing.