Leaving Switzerland and need to dispose of furniture

OK after almost exactly 25 years we’re leaving - retirement. We downsized from a 4 bed house to a 2 bed flat but we still have loads of furniture and stuff that we need to throw away. I contacted “Brocki West” for a quote and asked how much are you going to pay us? He laughed and said No YOU pay ME.
Anybody got any better suggestions? I’m going to do the rounds of local Brocki houses (Aargau) but in my previous experience they have no need of used furniture

Post pictures here in the for sale section… keep in mind used furniture typically doesn’t hold much value…

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We don‘t have a sale section here?

Try Tutti, Ebay, put a note at your local grocery store.

If you’re on Facebook, you could also try Facebook marketplace. There may also be a local group (there’s one in Zug called Zuger helfen Zugern: all items on it are free but at least you don’t pay to have them taken away).

There is no sale section atm.


If you have an HIOB near you, you could try them. They do house clearances and will take just about anything if it’s in good condition.


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Try selling on Facebook market, but unless the furniture is good and in-demand, you might need to give it away for free or pay to get rid of it.

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Give it all for free. People will come get anything and it will save you disposal fee and hassle. Trying to sell it will be a long painful and unsuccessful process.

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I often sold for a token amount as giving away for free tended to attract time-wasters and the super-entitled, who not only wanted it for free, but also would ask for you to delivery it to their doorstep within a specific timeslot.

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Charge a small amount though, if people think they can get stuff for free they either don’t show up when agreed or change the time a few times imo. People can be a funny bunch.
Edit: haha, Phil_MCR beat me to it.

Not sure, I think people are fickle and I find if they think they are getting a bargain they will most likely show up. Personally have done it successfully many times with a 90% success rate.

I’ve had a 100% success rate so far - all given away as it felt like more hassle trying to ask for pittance for it all (furniture left in the property when we bought it)

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Well I tried to give away more stuff when we moved and got annoyed by some difficult people and then just contacted a brocki and ended up getting some cash in the end. Yes you do need to pay them but if you actually have something they can further sell they too give you some money. (or it used to be like that some years ago)
We’ve sold and given away some furniture pieces (and other household stuff) since we moved but it was on a local group where almost everyone knows everyone so people make an effort to keep their word.

Just saw that thread - sad, as the buy/sell is what originally attracted me to the englishforum back in the days!

When I moved to CH, getting really cheap furniture was a godsent…

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I agree. It would be nice to get ads section up and running again.

I was selling a lot of stuff on Facebook Marketplace, all furniture i sold was 50% of original price, which i consider after 7-10 years is good value, but it does take time and patience, also blocking all scammers (with offers like postbot will come, or give me all your details and so on) five times a day, also Ricardo i tried, worked for some items. Just general advice never give out any details apart from address where to pick up, not even name (they should write once they are at the main door), no phone or anything, worked pretty well for Marketplace.

Don’t they get your name from facebook?

ah yes well since i never used any real names in social networks, forgot there are people actually do that, also do not recommend :smiley: scamming on internet is high, and coupled with your address in wrong hands can be consequences

I bought a sofa and offered my old one to HIOB and the Salvation Army in Basel as it was in very good condition and has 2 sets of loose covers. HIOB never got back to me and The SA refused it saying they didn’t think they’d be able to sell it. It’s been taken apart and is now in my basement.