Leaving Switzerland for UK - import declaration

Hi all, I’ll be leaving Switzerland to return to the Uk in June. I have applied for Transfer of Residence for tax relief when moving personal belongings which has been approved. I now need to complete an import declaration, but I’m unclear where to go or how to do this. Anyone with any experience that could explain? TIA

It’s usually something your moving company deals with. If not, good luck working it all out.

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I spoke with HMRC, for me there’s actually nothing else to do. Import Declaration form is only if you are declaring any goods, (above allowance or restricted goods), so like the airport customs, there is no need. My removals just pass through the ‘nothing to declare’ line and provide the TOR approval letter with the URN.

Thanks, good to know.

I am putting this link, in case anyone else confused like me re the URN (got pictures of vases chit chat re ashes) URN = (Unique Reference Number)

https://www.gov.uk › Entering and staying in the UK
](Application for transfer of residence relief (ToR1) - GOV.UK)

Use this form to claim relief from customs charges due on personal belongings and other goods, when transferring your place of residence to the UK.

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What is URN ToR?

It is called URN (Unique Reference Number) and they are granted from customs after verifying that the things that are entering the country are personal effects and therefore exempt from taxes and customs fees. Please note that your URN only covers imports that arrive in the UK within 12 mont