Limited A driving license (aka A2 or A35)

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I passed the new limited A (35KW) motorbike test last years. Whilst I'm quite happy wit my current 35KW bike, I am contemplating on the possible future upgrades. I understand that in order to ride anything larger, I need to apply for an unlimited A driving license having held the 35KW one for two years. This is clear. What I don't understand and do not seem to be able to find answer to is the following:

- Do I just book a test for a big A driving license and do the practical exam? Do I ride my current bike or do I HAVE to do the test on a bike bigger than 35KW?

- After 2 years if I want to learn riding on bike over 35KW do I apply for unlimited A learners license?

The only info I can find is that after two years I can apply for unlimited drivers license.

Many thanks for any clarification on that.

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You have to apply for a unlimited A learners permit and then pass the test with a bike which has more than 35 kW.…gorie-a/#kat-a

Hi aSwissInTheUS,

Aha, cool.

Many thanks for clarifying.

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