Looking for good runners around Zurich to test Supershoes

Hi all,

I am looking for runners around Zurich who can run a marathon under 2h50 (or equivalent shorter race) to take part in a study testing the effects of different running shoes, including prototypes.

If you can fit in a US men 9.0, 10.0 or 11.0 shoes (girls are also welcome if they fit), and would like to participate, please send me a private reply!

You support is rewarded with a VO2max test, a DXA scan for body composition plus a closing Apero at the end of the study .

Thanks a lot!

Transgender perhaps with those shoe sizes?

Sorry, I can't help. I'm 10.5 (and I can't run that fast!)

The shoes szes we have are rather large because one pair is a prototype made for a specific (male) athlete, plus minus 1 size for margin. We nonetheless did not actively exclude women from recruitment in the odd chance a taller good runner is around Zurich and willing to participate .

A 10.5 person would likely fit in one of the two sizes we have. Most runners have too small shoes without knowing anyways and fitting is heavily brand/model dependent.

I'm out...shoe size 12.5, and I was able to do 42km in 2.5h until last year, when I had hip surgery for a torn labrum. Slowly recovering still, and I haven't ran over 25km yet. . Good luck with the study, I'm sure you'll find your testers quickly enough.

That's interesting, I had a foot scan (I need insoles for my extremely flat feet) at a business in Zürich / Enge, and the gentleman there was also working on prototype running shoes.

I am certainly not running marathons anytime soon, but I'm starting to think that Zürich takes their running shoes very seriously!

We are more looking into the effects of shoes on performance, as in the modern marathon shoes. There is of course the whole side of injury prevention, but there the image is far murkier, and the special insoles have a better chance of working than the shoes (i.e. the shoes sold as being for the pronated, neutral etc) themselves.

The whole premise behind different shoes for under/over/pronated shoes appears to be flawed and people should just buy neutral shoes and be done with it.

Gait analysis too seems have it’s problems too and you are statistically more likely to be injured running if you buy shoes based on gait analysis.
(heard this on a BBC podcast which is well worth a listen)