Lost in a sea of admin

Hi all ! I know these subjects have been treated a few times (Yep I've been searching the forum and reading), trying to see if anyone has been in this situation before..

If anyone has any guidance on the following, from what I understand, pretty complicated situation:

I am a 3rd country national but with permanent residency in an EU country (France), my partner (unmarried) is both swiss and french and currently works as cross border commuter into Switzerland, living in France.

We would like to move to Switzerland for a few reasons, but understand that we would need to get married for this (We are a same sex couple, so our future marriage would be recognized in Switzerland now).

Are things as simple as just getting married, and then he, as a swiss moves to switzerland and applies for family reunification, and that's it ?

As a UK citizen but having permanent residency in France, so EU country, would I deal with the French or UK authorities if I need a Visa to enter Switzerland post marriage ?

Also looking at timelines, does anyone have any experience with this kind of situation for Kanton Basel Stadt ?

Thanks, and yes I know it's kind of a tricky situation.

Your residency in France makes no difference. It's your citizenship that matters. As a British national in Switzerland, I have no right to work in France. (Well, I do now, as I'm Swiss).

I was married already when my wife and kids and I moved to Switzerland (before Schengen). We all got B permits. My understanding (which may be out of date), is that if you're already married , the spouse automatically gets a permit. It's only when one person is already here that you do family reunification.

I don't think your situation is tricky.

Thanks for your answer! We are not married yet, but I know we would have to in order to be able to move to CH.

The correct process is; you get married, your spouse registers that with the Swiss authorities, your spouse moves to Switzerland and applies for you to join them, when approved you move here and get a B permit. After 5 years you can apply for citizenship and forget all the permit and permission nonsense!