Loterie Romande

I recently went to close my Lottery account since I haven’t used it for some years and won’t be able to once we move back to the UK. Cleared the little amount of money out of it and then closed it.

Am I reading this right? It could take them up to 2 years to close the account! My Swiss e-mail address will be long dead before then. :crazy_face:

" Vos éventuels abonnements en cours sont supprimés.

L’éventuel solde sera versé sur le compte de paiement correspondant au numéro IBAN indiqué dans votre compte joueur (sauf exceptions prévues par le Règlement Général des jeux de la Loterie Romande accessibles au travers de sa plateforme Internet). Si vous n’avez pas indiqué le numéro IBAN de votre compte bancaire, vous devez contacter notre service client via le formulaire de contact pour pouvoir récupérer le solde de votre compte.

Après un délai de deux ans à compter de la fermeture du compte, le solde de votre compte sera versé en faveur de projets d’utilité publique, conformément à la législation en vigueur.

Vous serez informé dès que votre compte sera définitivement fermé."

I used Deepl, and it sounds as if they will try to send to the IBAN you provide, but if they can’t find you after two years then they donate the funds.

Your current subscriptions, if any, will be cancelled.

Any balance will be paid into the payment account corresponding to the IBAN number indicated in your player account (with the exceptions provided for by the General Regulations of the Loterie Romande games accessible via its Internet platform). If you have not indicated the IBAN number of your bank account, you must contact our customer service via the contact form in order to be able to recover the balance of your account.

After a period of two years from the closure of the account, the balance of your account will be donated to charitable projects, in accordance with current legislation.

You will be informed as soon as your account is definitively closed.

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If you haven’t already provided them with an IBAN number and fail to do so by using the contact form provided within two years from the date you closed the account they will donate your funds to a worthy cause once the two years is up.

If they have your bank details you’ll be reimbursed fairly quickly.

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Yeah, I already have the refund. I just didn’t read it quite right with deepl/google translate I guess. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long to get the e-mail and then I can tick of another thing on the moving list. :grin:

Why not keep playing until the last day?

You could win!


Didn’t have enough in the kitty to play for some years as I never topped it up again.

And yes, they’ve confirmed the account is now definitely closed.