Luggage repair in Basel

Hello everyone, do you know where I can find a place for luggage repair in Basel? I tried to find on the Internet, but couldn't find one.

The wheels are worn out after several trips, so I would like to get them replaced.

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you!

No idea but last time I had an issue the airline gave me a couple of adresses.

Apart from that, ask the company that makes your suitcase?

Maybe just change the suitcase ?

That's not very sustainable

Thank you, roegner! I will contact Lufthansa as I just flew with them a few days ago.

Thank you for your suggestion, but I also find it difficult to dispose such a big object without using the stickers provided by the Tiefbauamt.

Yep, Lufthansa too in my case

Yes, I agree with you!

I don’t know if they repair / replace wheels. In the past, I had a suitcase zipper damaged and this company replaced it:
They are near Kannenfeldplatz.

What make is the suitcase? Where did you buy it?

You could ask the manufacturer for the name of a repair shop or ask where you bought it.

You might be able to buy replacement wheels and fix it yourself. It is not that hard and usually you need to work from the inside of the bag. If it is lined there might be a zipper wo you can get access to the screws.

I have ordered replacement wheels from here.

Here is a list of places you could try:

Sure it's not sustainable, but is sending the suitcase away to be repaired, having it sent back, taking it and fetching it, plus the exorbitant cost of repair sustainable ?

....and by the way, i didn't say junk it, i said buy a new one and re-cycle the old one

I guess that depends on where it gets repaired. For instance, the link posted above is literally an 8 minute walk from my apartment. That is hardly a non-sustainable.

So yeah, it all depends on the situation

I use old suitcases for storing things like winter boots and shoes in my basement space. They were a brand exclusive to Debenhams stores in the UK when I bought them 11 years ago and not worth the cost of repairing, one has a broken zip.

Dear everyone,

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions!

I reported the damage of the wheels of my suitcase to Lufthansa, and surprisingly, they send me a voucher and let me buy a new suitcase through their service provider. In this case, I have decided to buy a strong suitcase and see how I can recycle the old one.

Thank you again for all of your help and friendly response!