Mounjaro, anyone?


Is there anyone who is currently taking Mounjaro? Not for diabetes but weight loss. Ideally in a Zurich area.

I do have some questions.


Has it been approved for weight loss? If you want it for diabetes, so far, the basic insurance won‘t cover it. Complimentary might, but I don‘t know about off label use. I know insurers are negotiating with Lily to arrive at a price they will tolerate. If you can afford, it good for you.

It‘s probably more effective than semaglutide, although demand for the injectable version has made it semaglutide unavailable, and diabetics are mostly stuck with pill version. I don‘t know if the variant designed for weight loss is approved here (wegovy).

Best to talk to your GP, I think.

The problem with these solutions is that they are only a gimmick. I know two people my age (60) who have used it and yes they lost a dramatic amount of weight, but they have both put a substantial amount of it back on again and I'd say if they keep going they'll be back to where they started in say 18 months.

The only way to loose weight and keep it down is to learn to live a different life and there are no short cuts to doing that.

I can only speak to taking these drugs for diabetes. Yes, you loose weight, but it also offers some good results in glucose control as well as reduction in cardiovascular risk factors. But not everyone tolerates it and you probably have to take it for the rest of your life.

Edit to add - there is current research suggesting it might help with addiction.

It‘s not a weight loss panacea. Neither is it a gimmick. And I understand the health benefits of weight loss, but it annoys me that people with diabetes are not able to source the injectable medication, and are forced onto the less effective (for some) oral solution. That‘s for semaglutide though, not tirzepatide (Mounjaro).

And I realize I should temper my rather harsh comments.... For people with serious, life long obesity issues, it may really help. But I think you have to be prepared to take it forever and modify behaviors.

thank you both for the inputs

Without getting into too much detail, I am looking for someone who is been given Mounjaro strictly for weight loss (not bein diabetic). I've heard in Zurich, some doctors who also perform liposuction, do issue prescriptions for this drug. Not sure if that's true though.

Anyone has an actual experience?

Ah, ok. Your best bet is to maybe find these physicians. Look for weight loss clinics, liposuction, maybe bariatric surgery. Good luck!

I am not sure of the health benefits of weight loss.

Recent research has shown that due to modern medicine, overweight people no longer lose years of life versus others, at most some months.

So long as people take their prescribed medicines for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes (the main risks of being overweight) then they are well protected.

But what specific questions do you have if I may ask?

Also check out the side effects.

I have been struggling with being overweight following some major health problems.

You have not asked for alternative recommendations, but I have had good weight loss success using glucomannan supplements: it is a non-pharmacologically active fiber supplement that makes one feel full. Combined with intermittent fasting (only eating lunch and supper) and regular exercise I have been steadily losing weight.

I would never touch any drug with a metabolic effect (such as Mounjaro) unless medically necessary. Glucomannan + exercise helps me ensure my calories in is always less than calories out, which is of course the only way to lose weight.

Anyways, perhaps it's something you've already tried, but if not, it could be worth a try. It's available in Swiss pharmacies, or generally cheaper online from abroad.

Just in case you want an easier source, psyllum husk is essentially the same thing (soluble fiber). I’ve been ordering mine for years from Galaxus

You could also look at barbarine.

They're still ill, otherwise they wouldn't need the drugs. Instead of treating the symptoms as you suggest, it's generally much more helpful to address the underlying cause.

Doesn't help with issues such as bone wear & tear due to excessive weight (e.g. hips, knees, etc...). So, naturally, losing weight is advantageous if you can. And I say "if you can", because I know how hard it can be...