Moving from Switzerland to USA

My good friend has decided to move from Switzerland to his home country of USA.

I am helping with researching "stuff" so he doesn't forget anything.

First question is:::

--- I thought I read somewhere that there is a "company" or "group" or "person" that can consult on all the steps it takes to move (like what is the best way to transfer retirement savings, moving companies, steps it takes to de-register.........) I can't seem to find the "company" so I'm reaching out to the community to see if you can direct me to such a company.

We are starting this same process of returning to US and have not come across anything that convenient as of yet. We would also love to benefit from that centralized information and checklist if it ever comes across.

I doubt there’s one company/person/group that can tell you about everything. Have you gone through this thread?…rmanently.html

Might find some useful info here too. For Swiss citizens, but I expect a fair amount would apply to foreigners leaving the country as well.…uswandern.html