N57 Pontarliar to Vallorbe closed southbound

Ran into this closure last night and took a lovely several kilometer detour to get back to the border crossing at Vallorbe. Seems heading into Pontarliar is okay, but coming out the road is closed for a very long section (googling). Question is what are they doing and more importantly how long are the roadworks supposed to last for?

Does no one know the answer to this because it’s still blocked and shows no sign of being opened up again any time soon.

I tried to find info by googling, but can’t find anything that says what they’re doing and sadly truckinfo.ch doesn’t cover roads outside of Switzerland. I was hoping they might have roadwork info on those roads near the Swiss border, but no such luck.

As we managed to mess up following the diversion last night (thanks sat nav in car that doesn’t even know about the blockage) it seems whatever they’re doing is in sections along the road so some parts can be used, but not others. Mainly for the locals to be able to get to and from I guess, but the lack of info is really annoying.

Here’s some info:

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Wonderful. So I guess they’re replacing the pipes pretty much along that whole section of road from Pontarlier to Jonge. God knows how long that’s going to take to complete. :crazy_face:

Is there any website for French road stuff like truckinfo.ch? Would be useful to have a central source.