Need advice from the DIY experts of EF to add a tabletop on top of my table!

Hi all. I play a lot of board games and am looking for a temporary way to make my 200x90 table bigger by ordering a new tabletop of size 2000mm x1200mm x 19mm (200cm x 120cm x 1.9cm) that will be firmly attached to the table using 4x C-clamps in 120mm size which I have already purchased and can be seen here.…t_details&th=1

All that I need to do now is decide on what material to use for the tabletop and this is where I need advice.

I live in the area of a Migros DoIt+Garden and there they offer a service to order pieces of wood made to your measurements. They offer a few main types of wood in 19mm thickness which I think would be ideal for a removeable tabletop that protrudes only 15cm on each side of the table:…taerke%3A19+mm
Spanplatte (Chipboard) eg:…w-york-d3823ow Particleboard (Holzplatte) Tischlerplatte (Blockboard) eg:…rplatte-pappel Holzfaserplatte (Fiberboard Massivholzplatte 3 schicht (Solid wood panel 3-layer) eg:…inkte-lamellen Sperrholz (Plywood)
What I am looking for is something solid, stable and durable that will not warp or bend under normal pressure (eg: peoples arms and elbows) for around 250chf or less, including any edging/framing work for boards with unfinished edges.

What material do you think would do the job and be most suitable here?

Many thanks.

Ikea sells table tops in various sizes and materials.


What are you going to cover it with would be a factor?

if you are going to leave it plain and visible, then I would suggest a finished wood with a PVA top coat as the appearence would be nicer, and it would be spill resistant so easy to clean.

If you are going to cover it with felt or baize, I would suggest ply as it will give a nice smooth finish to tack the felt onto, and the felt would cover the edges so give a nice tidy look.

At less than 20mm you may get some deflection over time on the length wise overhang. To avoid that I would suggest making a frame inside using 30x30mm timber to ensure it stays true. Over 25mm it sould be strong enough to avoid deflection. I guess you'd have to compare the cost of thinner top board and frame v thicker top board that maybe wouldn't need a frame.

Okay, so basically you just want to extend your existing table’s width by 30 cm (or 15 cm on each side). With those clamps in your link, I don’t think they’re deep enough to clamp a larger table top onto your existing tabletop, because they’re only 6 or 5 cm deep. You’d need something deeper that can reach further inward to be able to clamp the new top onto your existing table. In the photo below from your link, I’ve drawn a red line to show what I mean. That part of the clamp, where the red line is, would need to be more than 15 cm to be able to reach far enough to clamp the new table top onto the old table top underneath.

Also, with using clamps like those, you’re going to risk the clamps denting or scratching the tabletops, due to the pressure they exert on the tables, so be aware of that possibility.

One thing you could maybe try is to create a “planked table top” that would lay over your existing table… but it looks like a bit of work. Something like this (link below):…cover-for.html

But again, you’ll risk scratching the top of your current table when the table on top shifts around, etc. (not sure if that’s something you’re okay with).

Anything that’s real wood is probably going to be quite heavy, compared to something made with particle board / MDF, so keep that in mind.

Echoing the last two posts, whatever material you use, I'd forgo the clamps and just have a frame of something like 1" square section lengths in a rectangle fitted to the underside of the new top that fit just over the existing table.

(like in Pancake's photo).

This will provide both rigidity for the new top and allow it to just slot over the existing table in seconds.

Avoid scratching and noise by sticking a set of felt furniture pads to the underside of the new top within the frame.

No fiddly clamps needed.

Chuff said the top will be the same length as the existing table, with a 150mm overhang on the width at each side. So those clamps fitted to the table ends would be suitable, just need some common sense to be applied when fitting them. Without some form of clamping and that size of overhang, should someone lean heavily on the top the chance fot it to tip and game pieces move would be quite high.

Oh, I think I see what you mean -- so he would just be clamping onto the 2 sides of the table (200 cm) (and not onto the overhang) ???

I don't believe it would be easy at all and excusing my rusty knowledge of mechanics, if the pivot point was the edge of the table then 0.15m is overhanging from that and 1.85m is on the other and assuming the top is 13kg so around 1Kg is overhanging past the pivot point then around 150Kg force would need to be exerted on the edge of the table to make it tip.

Elbows won't do it nor would standing up from a chair pushing down on the table with hands.

People can feel free to correct me!

If you find me one in size 200x120 I will give you a cookie!

And yeah it needs to be that wide, the games I play are real table hogs.

Thanks PG, the laminate option sounds like a practical solution especially with the spills. I didn’t decide if I would cover it or not but if so I guess it would be easy using a table cloth and some clips like these?…s%2C125&sr=8-4

I am not sure what you mean by “make a frame inside”. Also, 21mm is the thickest I can go before the C clamps no longer fit due to the thickness of the wooden fram eof the table (9cm or so).

The C clamps are actually 120mm but I guess I got the last pairs before they sold out!

The table is also old and didn’t cost much (I got it used from EF well over a decade ago) I will use some padding to stop the table scratching. It should not dent it as I am not going to clamp them on tight enough to crush wood, just enough to keep it all in place.

Yes, I will clamp in the 4 corners of the table on the fan end sides that will be flush with the new tabletop to make it nice and stable. The overhang will be running down the length of the table which will not be clamped.

This one might be of interest:…ag-1246673396/

Thanks for the link I appreciate it, but it's the right length and width but sadly far too thick at 4cm.

Get 2x 100x120

Easier to store when not needed.


It won't be as stable and storage should be ok even in one piece as I found a sneaky way to do it while keeping it mostly invisible.

Agree with the others warning about clamps, the force will leave marks at some point. You could also have felt on one side to provide some friction?

Migros can be good but have a look for some local carpentry workshops too. They can advise on the type of wood and make it as light as possible while being stable and strong and can make it a thing of beauty too which you can oil or wax as you like.

Things don't come cheap in Switzerland but one board should fit your budget as sawing a piece of wood and then doing the edges should be a quick job.

I found a few tables that are 200x120 cm. Can I have a cookie?…-120-cm/126742…4XcDQMqOghbBzI

Here’s one that is collapse-able:…RzAWRwI7HwNNEA

Decent price, too.

Now where’s my cookie?

Why not just add two 150mm extension pieces one to each side of the table instead of covering the whole top?

You can get a variety of fittings like in the picture, attach one piece to the underside of the table and the other to the underside of the extension.

Just slide the male fitting on the extension into the female fitting on the table.

We are board gamers. We found an extendable table on Tutti. We also have two bench tops that I bought and had cut to the size I wanted at Hornbach (large hardware shop - usually cheaper than Migros or Jumbo)…

If you want to get a custom piece of wood, I would just buy a whole piece of heavy wood from - they seem to be the cheapest for cutting and have a good range of options.

For the thickness, plywood is stronger than pine… But you will need to sand and round the corners, and varnish/seal it.

If sharp corners are no problem than a piece of MDF, coated in either white or wood colour will work perfectly well - you can buy a strip for the edges that you apply with an iron…

All the wood options for cutting at hornbach is here - the problem will be delivery. If you can’t fit 200x120 in your car… then the delivery cost could be quite expensive…

Of course, if you buy a whole new tabletop, it will sit over the other table, making it slightly higher - that may not be optimal for the users… our ‘solution’ is that we have a tabletop and legs stored in our cellar and bring it out for games night… and for smaller games (and card games) I made a 1m square tabletop from a cheap piece of MDF, and stapled on some green felt - works really well on top of our coffee table so we can sit around the lounge and play card games, and it is stored under the lounge…

21mil maybe ok, I'd speak to the store to be on the safe side as different materials will have different resistance to deflection.

If the gaming top is to be the same length, so fitting flush to the existing table top thus allowing you to use the clamps you have already bought fitted to the edges, that works. Just ensure you have felt/silicon pads fitted to the clamps top and bottom, you put a protective membrane in between the table and gaming top for protection, and don't go to 2 white knckles when you tighten them, it should be good.

If the supplier thinks extra support would be needed along the overhangs.... JIC. I would suggest a piece of timer minimum 20x20x1900mm on each side, with each end mitered (looks neater). They would be fitted on to the under side of the gaming top, and set back approx' 50-60mm from the edge. That would provide suiable additional support, and visually maybe it would look less like a bit (though sizeable) of wood plonked on top of a table.

You get zero cookies because:

a) Those are tables, not not table tops .

b) Did you look at the prices vs what I stated I want to pay in my OP? They are 10x more.

c) The collapsible one does not look in any way 200 x 120cm when fully extended, must be a misprint or the wrong photo.