Need Advice - Health Insurance

Hello everyone, this is my situation:

I’m a EU citizen and next summer I will be working in Switzerland for LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.

My employer told me that they cover me for any accident that may happen at work or in private, however, I also need to take a medical insurance for illnesses.

Since I’ll be there less than 3 months and I’m a healthy person, I’m trying to take the cheapest insurance possible. There are companies that offer Travel Insurances, which cover in case of emergencies, and are quite affordable. Would that be enough to fulfill the legal requirements, or would I need to take a ‘conventional’ insurance?

Any advice here would be nice to read, thank you.

Edit: Moreover, I’m wondering if I can take an insurance company from my country that covers switzerland, or if I must take a Swiss company.

Welcome to the forum.

Generally speaking you need a Swiss insurance if you work here. A travel insurance or an insurance from your home country are not sufficient.

There may be exceptions for short term work so I hope someone here may be able to help further.

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What will be your status here? Are you coming on a short term secondment with your employer from another country or just a Swiss short term contract?

I’ll be working in a Swiss hotel during summer (swiss short term contract)

Try Health insurance comparison 2024 ► Comparis premium calculator

Here are the rules for foreign workers here for less than three months.
Just choose the cheapest one possible for your location.
Have a look at priminfo for all the premiums for all the insurance companies on Switzerland in all cantons.
Comparis is also a good comparison site but doesn’t give all the options and they are paid by some companies to promote their offers.