Need to get documents notarised

Looking for some guidance here.

I need to get some documents notarised.

Basically I need to get the copies of my official documents notarised for home country.

Can I go to any notary to get this done (assume it should not be a big deal) and what is the typical cost involved?

Alternate would be to go to the embassy which is a tedious process in terms of timing and logistics.

I had them done at the notary, it was 20chf.

Your commune does it also, CHF 20 as I recall.


P.S. If it's for a foreign country, you will also need to get them apostillad!

A Swiss notaire or commune cannot attest to the validity of a foreign document. The embassy sounds like the best bet.

Nor ANY document, they notarize signatures.

And the apostilla only confirms the signature of the notary.

Different system to foreign countries.


To get a written statement accepted in country X (assuming it's something similar to what you need to do) this is what worked for me and avoided the embassy route:

- write/print the statement in the language X (you could also do it in German or any other language but it's useless at this point and more work for the translator later)

- sign the document in the presence of the Gemeindeschreiber at your commune and get notarization stamp+signature

- put the apostille at the Staatskanzlei

- have the notarization stamp and apostille translated via a notarized translator in language X (I had it done in the country X for simplicity)

The notarization and apostille step did not require an appointment and I managed to do everything in 1 hour

The notary simply attest that the signature on the document belongs to OP in this case. Apostille confirms that the notary's signature is legit

As I understood it the OP wants certified copies of his documents which is perfectly within the remit of both a notary or the commune.

They are basically stamping the document to confirm that it is true copy of the original.

Yes, if you have an original document and a copy thereof a Notar can certify that the copy is a copy of an original which he has seen. He simply adds his stamp and a statement on the copy (possibly in a language of you choice) to the effect that it is a copy of an original document. In my case it cost CHF 40 for a single document.

In Ticino, they ask me which country I need it for, and have different apostille stamps in different languages, so no need for translation!


A notary can do it. Typically they make copies and then signs and stamps them. Whats stated above that the notary cannot validate the copies is probably true but mis leading. I dont think its their job to. But what they do state is it is an exact copy of the original they were shown, which is typically required

So a notary would help you. I guess 20 to 50 bucks

Depending on the documents, a bank can also validate documents, particularly if its a credit card statement or utility bill, they may also do your permit, this should be free. Your embassy can do it, but this is more of a hassle getting an appointment and also they charge. Notary is best and easiest bet I would think