Neverending road repair work

Is it just me or others also feel that some of the road repair work (in Switzerland) takes ages to finish. It just feels neverending and makes me wonder if they're digging gold or building Gaza style tunnel underneath.. Thought of compiling a list of some of the ongoing roadworks - so that we can track the progress

- Tunnel close to Buchegplatz (Hardbruck-Airport road)

- Josefstrasse Zurich

- Road between Goldbrunnenplatz and Kalkbretite

You can find the relevant information on the city website:…o.html?id=5047
$Just read it, and you are informed.

Buecheggstrasse and Hirschwiesentunnel is very space confined workplace, and involves a lot of noise work. Maybe it would have been better if they just closed the whole thing for a month in summer and worked 24/7.
Kreis 5: They are renewing the whole Kreis already since years. Maybe they should do it German style and just tear up everything in one go.
Kalkbreitestrasse is delayed, new finish date is April 2024. It should have been originally be finished this Sept. Got delayed due to missing parts/material, rain damage in July, and apparently a change of some plans.

Of course. Big money. Drag it out for as long as you can. Velo Tunnel-Sihlquai

I had the same thought when I first came to Switzerland. Then I learnt that the Alps look like an Emmentaler cheese underground and there is no need for more military tunnels. The banks already have enough vaults.

Some of it is due to the complexity and sound nature of underground infrastructure. The electricity supply, even the high tension cables are underground. The sewar system does not leak (much), nor does the water supply. There are glass fibre cables almost everywhere.

And Switzerland is almost pot-hole free - eat your hearts out Britain and NZ.

So just enjoy the positives and think, this is where my taxes go.

They are renovating the toilet on Werd Insel Zurich. Its been going on for 3 months!

Understandable, recent Zürchers are so full of crap, they are having to totally re-dimension the whole system.

I remember when they converted the t-junction taking you toward Vevey just after leaving the motorway into a roundabout - it took a year.

Meanwhile in St Louis, France, one weekend there was a crossroads, next weekend a roundabout.

The A1 motorway junction at Nyon;

The A1 motorway junction at Rolle;

And as they’ve just approved 6 lanes for the A1 Geneva - Lausanne they will soon be ripping it (whatever it is) up again.

Well, CH isn’t China where some government cluck wanting a new road simply says: “Make it so!”

Is this 6 lanes from Morges to Geneva? Morges to Lausanne is already 6 lanes. I've heard about that for ages and dreaded the day because the roadworks will take years ... it will be quite a feat though and nice to observe from the train

Only because they use the hard shoulders during peak periods - which has already been proven to be dangerous in the UK.

Crossing Bellevue. It's been closed in one direction for several months, the diversion is several kilometres and every time it looks as though they're filling holes, they start digging again.

Maybe it's to encourage people to use the Léman Express.

He is not talking about the insane planning phases... but the excruciatingly slow execution.

To be fair: Zurich isnt Gaza, especially in the sense that it is super easy to dig tunnels there as they have soft lime stone... and Switzerland has a lot harder rock. But that's just half the story. Roadworks and public construction is in general some semi official way to keep some people employed who otherwise wouldnt be. Especially in the more left leaning parts like Zurich or the French speaking cantons...

Yeah just like those parking wardens and SBB ticket-checkers

Wouldn't it be nice if they employed more people in departmental stores, and also kept some businesses open on Sundays like in the UK? I find it quite annoying when you need help and do not find any staff for help at places like Migros/ Jumbo/ Coop/Manor etc...

Are you saying you find better help in the UK?

I find equally annoying the many situations I do not need/want help and have clawing clone-like salespeople swarming

Better than here for sure...