New driver's license format since April 2023

I think there was a thread about this on EF, but I’m curious if anybody actually exchanged their driver’s license for the new format.

We originally had the blue paper license, which we exchanged when the old credit card format became available. Much easier for visits to the US.

Even that one I already had to exchange in 2019 because the lamination failed. The lamination on my husband’s driver’s license is also failing, so we will get the newest version soon. Supposedly this only takes 10 days.

If you happen to still have the blue paper version, be aware that’s it’s only valid until 31 October 2024.

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I haven’t exchanged my plastic, as it’s in good condition, but I’ve been curious if the old format is still good to use abroad or it’s better to change it to avoid surprises on vacations.

As long as it’s in good condition, supposedly the older plastic one is still valid. I expect most of the older ones to have the same problem as mine. Once the lamination starts failing, the entire license becomes unreadable.

Since my husband’s needs to be replaced, I will replace mine at the same time, so that they match. I don’t want to have to explain why two driver’s licenses from the same country look so different. It’s already confusing since the Swiss driver’s license doesn’t have an expiration date.

Semi-separate issue but if anyone still has the old paper driving licence, these become invalid after 31 October 2024. I know a couple of people that still haven’t changed, no doubt there’s more!