New scam - pretending to be your child via sms

Never saw this one before… I am tempted to write to them to see what they come up with…

Anyway, stay vigilant people :heart:

Translation - says Hello dad, I have a new number as I had an accident with my phone, please send a WhatsApp to this number


That´s been ongoing for a long time already. But it is good to make people aware again that this is still ongoing.

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Thank you! Never heard it or saw it myself and have seen many!!!

People’s voices can be cloned with only 15 seconds of recorded information.

Sometime soon someone’s going to call a child’s mobile, pretending to be a parent and arranging to meet at some location…

For this, and other technology, there needs to be some sort of identity verification.

My kids have a limited amount of data each month and have been told to use WhatsUp to send messages about where they will be, what time and so on rather than SMS which can be spoofed. WhatsUp is more secure in that regard.

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Alas, whatsApp can be faked too - I’ve seen instances where people borrow a phone (usually friends), and then authenticate a browser using whatsApp web…

From there, you can not just send messages - but also read all the history.

As this is in response to what I wrote - probably best to chose your friends more wisely.

But, yes also not infallible.
A bit like modern car theft - much easier to clone the car unlocking signal than it is to break into the house and steal the key fob.


Oh yes, please do and keep us in the loop.
And when they are in their full spiel go morose and ask how you are managing to communicate from the afterlife as you died four years ago.