Non-EU Family reunification to working B permit

Hi everyone,

I am currently here with family reunification visa thanks to my wife study here(both non-eu). I am working with a permanent contract and in case my wife cannot find a job after graduation, my company can sponsor me for my permit. In this case do you know whether we can apply for fast tract C in 5 years? Would they accept my years in B permit with family reunification or my wife's years as student?

Thank you

If you get a B permit to start with, often non EU will receive an L permit for 2 years.

I assume that I will get a B permit as my friends who came here to work directly in similar positions got a B permit. So if we assume that I will get a B, do you think they would count my Family reunification B years for early C?

For early permanent residence permit the whole family will be evaluated. Study years of your wife won't count unless it is followed by normal (non-temporary) permit for at least 2 years. Original text in German from the info bulletin in Luzern, for example:

Yes but in this case since I will have the B permit she would also have the B permit for family reunification. Would not this be counted as normal B?

I've spoken to the authorities in Vaud and Bern and both have confirmed that the family reunification permit will not count for the 2 years on a long duration stay permit after your years of study.

If you change from student permit to family reunification permit, the years as a student permit do not count and basically you restart your C permit timer and must wait at least 5 years.

That's what I've been told, but I think there would be leeway to fight it in court if you could show that the family reunification permit is for a long term stay (having a permanent contract, child, marriage, ties to Switzerland, or even you getting a C permit - because the latter counts as a long stay permit).