not quite food and drink

Ok so in France my fav' cigars (Hoyo de Monterray) are an insane price, and i normally get Mama G to do a restockage in CH and bring them through. As xmas is coming, please could someone tell me where the goto places in CH (physical or online) for quality cigars are just now.

There is a shop in the Metalli and there is also a shop, at the train station, in Walchwil. I can't comment on prices, as I don't really shop around.

Are those available in tax free shops at the airport? Happy to fly some in for you.

Will be flying from BER to ZRH on Wednesday.


Denner! At the moment there is a discount on quality cigars (grifin, monti, etc.)

Enjoy the smoke!


Hate to break it to you, but smoking is actually rather unhealthy

Anyway, while I never smoked cigars myself, Denner might have “action” prices – the merchandise could be long in the tooth and not necessarily stocked under ideal condtions