Oberaegeri - opinions

We are considering moving to Oberaegeri and will likely visit the area in the coming weeks. I was wondering if there are some early inputs Englishforum people could share?

1. General population - how friendly, international, education level, etc.?

2. How are the schools? Hofmatt seems to be the main primary school in the area. I know it is difficult to say what the education quality is but are there bullying issues or some other issues?

3. Any significant traffic issues?

4. Any good hospitals nearby for emergencies? Any good paediatrician nearby?

5. Anything else

Yes, and that's a pity because it's a really pretty village. The traffic connections are not so good in my opinion. Even though you are geographically close to Zurich, Zug, and Schwyz, there is no close highway connection.

Oberàˆgeri is beautiful, rich but has many local traditions. If you want quick access to train stations, it's too far off the grid (even though public transportation is good). Everything else is top notch, although you will feel the inequality of the local salary and the super rich.