Online maps etc for cycling and hiking

Not many people buy maps any more and tend to use their phones or handheld GPS for navigating roads/tracks etc.
I quite like using a map and will always have one as a backup as even battery failure can mean you get lost.
Sometimes I print out the section of a map I need and just take that.

What’s online:

Switzerland Mobility

Allows you to select cycle, hiking or even canoe routes in Switzerland:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 171300


Good for hiking trails.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 171620


Excellent for finding out about hills and passes you want to cycle up. There are some brutal ones out there!

What do you use?

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Each has its advantages, but for maps, you best have a good idea of the overall location and use your brain. Some people simply do not know how to read and use a map and having a flashing dot on a screen that shows them they are walking in the wrong direction is very helpful! :wink:

The Swisstopo app (swisstopo app) is one of the best apps for hiking in my opinion. The quality of maps is fantastic, relatively up-to-date closures, fairly easy route drawing in the app, saving sections offline (especially for deep hikes with no signal), and more.

Schweizmobil is great too, especially since you can save routes on their server (versus Swisstopo which is local to your device).

The other I use quite a bit is Organic Maps which has even more walking trails marked and tiny features like fountains / etc. It is free, and works around the world.

With those three maps, I don’t find myself needing much more in Switzerland.


Thanks for that (and the swisstopo app) - I’ll have a look.

I use Schweiz Mobil, with the annual suscription for 30 CHF. My old collection of LKS maps is getting dusty. Had a look in the book store recently - the maps now cost 23 CHF per piece :nauseated_face:

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For mountain bike, this one works quite good. Local people does upload their trails to this website

I like a lot the downhill Hombergegg trail near Aarau/Biberstein and it’s not marked on Swiss Mobility.

Actually the main confederation website posted by Tom also contains mountain bike trails. Just enter Mountain Bike in the search box and Mountainbikeland Schweiz is given as an option.

For my region (Eastern CH) the heidiland site has some good trails and descriptions.

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I like komoot for cycling. Very easy to export the route to my watch and can display nice suggestions for nearby routes.

I use the app OSMAnd (not seen an equivalent for iOS) which allows you downloadable Open Street Maps segments so you can use them when away from WiFi or mobile broadband.
Open Street Maps are not perfect but they have quite good detail showing even small paths and trails.

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