Ordinary Naturalisation in Switzerland

The famous Naturalisation application diary follow-up. Anyone knows what are the actual times in the city of Zurich? Especially the ones applied after July 2024.


I suggest to add the type of naturalization in the topic name, as it was on EF. Then this topic can be used as a single thread for all the questions related to an ordinary / facilitated naturalization. I assume that you are asking about the ordinary naturalization?

We are in the suburbs of Zurich and got our passes in 1.5 years. We applied online before Jul 23.

I just realised that I didn’t copy my timeline from the thread on EF. That was the only copy of this information. I hope somebody backed up that thread.

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Yes, two threads should be started on this: one for facilitated (ie through marriage) and one for the normal process.

What changes in July 2024?

Do you know the Topic ID or topic name? I can check if I have a copy of it. If you haven’t already done so, please also add your vote here: http://swissforum.co.uk/t/recovery-of-ef-threads/558

I can’t remember the exact name but it was something like Normal Naturalisation Diary


I think so too.

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I believe it was ‘Normal naturalisation, an applicant’s diary.’



Wow, I looked young back then…


@litespeed In the city of Zurich people that studied in Switzerland did not have to pass an integration test if applied before July 2023. Possibly in other cantons as well.

@TinyK I meant ordinary naturalization. Not sure if I can edit the title now. But yes two threads would be needed, one for each type.

OK. I have the first 10 pages (first 200 posts) of that thread. So several pages missing. The good news is that I’ve just managed to adapt my script (productive use of not being able to sleep at 1am!) to be able to parse the modified format of web.archive (tested on page 11).

So it will be possible to grab the missing pages from web.archive to recover the rest.


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@Phil_MCR will you recover the “My Facilitated Naturalization application experience” thread also?



Timelines are unclear at this point. I applied at the end of Nov 23 and my status was changed to Vorprüfung only in mid-Febraury. Essentially, post Jul 23, the canton takes over most of verification process (the gemeinde will still beresponsible for the test and interview), you submit your application online and university degress in Switzerland no longer exempts you from the knowledge test.


I applied end of July 23 and in middle of Nov 23 the status changed to Vorprüfung. beginning of Feb 24 the status changed to Prüfung Gemeinde.

I don’t know how it is for you, but for us an online status change was weeks, even months behind the actual stage of the process. I fact, our case still has a status “Prüfung Bund”, although we got our passports a month ago.

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@TinyK how long it took after the SEM invoice payment to finalize the process and get your passports?

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We got a letter telling us that we are Swiss around Jan 19-20. In the next days we got several letters from Gemeinde with certificate of the citizenship and confirmation of registration on our address (which you are supposed to bring to Passbüro with you, but in fact they do not need them). On Jan 23 I applied for passports on the cantons website and on Jan 24 I got an answer that we can choose the date for taking photos. The passes and IDs came in about 3-6 working days after the photos were taken (8 registered letters were coming in portions during the 3 days).

I don’t remember when was the last bill from SEM. We got the silver letter in the end of October, so the final stage took about 3 months.