ORP/Unemployment Pay

I'm not very clear on how ORP calculate insured salary. I read that it's based the average of last 6 months, unless 12 months is more favorable. However, if one receives a 13th salary in December, surely the average should be over 12 months? Also, does the insured salary include annual bonus payments?

I'd be very appreciative if anyone could clarify. Thanks

Note that sometimes there's no real 13th salary, but people are forced to give a loan to the company which is repaid in December. Let's say you negotiated 120k annual salary, you should be paid each month 10k, but you'll be paid only 120k/13 - with double salary in December.

Anyway, with a steady income during the past 12 months and a "bonus" in recent month makes the calculation from last 6 months better than from 12, so it'll apply.

Thank you. The other point I'm not sure about is the maximum pay. Again reading the guidelines and I'm not entirely sure. I have children so I believe I can get 80%, but is that 80% of the maximum average salary of chf13,250, or is the max chf13,250 after the 80% being applied?

Max 80% of the maximum salary.

It's 12.350, NOT 13.250!

So 70-80% of that. (9.880)


Tom’s right, but I just wanted to add that only this amount of salary has been insured when paying the premiums while employed. No premium is paid on earnings above CHF 148,200, so the maximum level when claiming makes sense.