Osiris REx

Amazing, after a 12 billion km round trip to the asteroid Bennu and landing on it, collect samples, take off and return to earth Osiris is back on the ground.

Who said we don’t live in the future?

The cost of that mission could have paid for universal health care for every US resident. But I guess 250g of dust is more important than that.

Not even nearly. OSIRIS-REx cost $1.16 billion. Total US annual health care spend is $4.3 trillion

Even if this were true and your sums were correct. It is going to advance human knowledge. On the other hand I agree that moneys would be better off spent on healthcare, American monies would be better off being spent on setting up an affordable healthcare modelled on European systems, but that would be SOCIALISM and one can’t have that in the land of the free, can’t one?

How about taking moneys from the obscene American military spending and using that. Or getting the American mega churches to pay tax? I would take moneys from lots of American nonsense things before defunding science

That would be universal healthcare for 2 hours.

It's already part of the past.

I don’t know, it seems that we have cracked interplanetary spaceflight and with the voyagers we have interstellar spaceflight.

Pity that humans can’t go where nobody has gone before... yet!