Overtourism in CH

This funny topic comes up every once in a while.

For some reason a specific place is visited by so many people the local infrastructure and services cannot handle it. This time, the complain comes from Lauterbrunnen

Not so long ago, people from a village in Lake Brinez were the ones complaining.

So, any other place you know to avoid this summer?

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It sounds similar to the measures being taken by Venice.
I am not sure if any of this will work since if you’re prepared to fly across the world to see something, €5 is not going to deter you.

I think in the case of Venice it was not to deter the people flying over from the other part of the world, but rather the day trippers who bring sandwiches, crowd the place and contribute little to the economy.

Having said that, i also don’t believe a eur 5 fee deters much, it’ll just end up with more municipal funds :slight_smile:

Lauterbrunnen will only take entrance fee from the daily visitors coming by car, which might make sense. Why not? Less air pollution in the valley.

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Lauterbrunnen is a tricky one. It’s difficult to spend much there as there are only a few very mediocre restaurants and really not much else to spend any money on.

Whenever we’ve been, we’ve camped at the campsite and cooked our own food (which we’ve brought with us out of necessity as there aren’t any food shops to speak of).

I’d be interested to see what they plan to spend the money on - obviously not on tourist infrastructure as that would defeat the whole object.

What exactly is the problem - is it actually defined? Is it too many people? Too many cars? Too much noise?
Who is actually complaining?

Why don’t they just ban cars for people who aren’t staying make people use the train from Interlaken?

Spain allows restaurants charging extra for “premium” tables, which is whatever the restaurant declares it so. Could be sunny in spring, shaded in summer, table with a view, etc.

It looks like such must be noted on the menu card, so you want to pay attention.


Isn’t that the parking lot for Wengen?


Does Interlaken have a parking place comparable to the one in Täsch to accommodate the cars of all the people going for a day visit to Wengen, Mürren, Schilthorn, Jungfraujoch etc?

I’ve no idea but I doubt any money collected in Lauterbrunnen will be used to finance transport infrastructure in Interlaken.

The Multistory car park in a Lauterbrunnen has over 1,000 places and is directly at the station. To access Wengen (and Jungfraujoch) you must park and take the train.
For Mürren and Schilthorn there are two options to get there.
I suspect the real problem is not individual cars or people just in transit, but the buses and their (sometimes) badly behaved hordes.

I’m glad to see Bowlie is regular.

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