Paid “Junk removal”? or donating unwanted crap without lots of effort?

First a quick thanks to all the forum regulars for keeping the community going. I was a bit shaken when I saw that the old EF was shut down.

So I have accumulated quite some unwanted things I would like to rid myself of before moving apartments. I could move it all, but better to try to eliminate. The stuff/junk is of mixed value. Maybe some clothes I bought online that is brand new and never worn-- wasn’t worth the effort to return. Or some random old electronics. Or some used clothes. Or cheap random household junk …

I don’t have much time for dealing with it. In the US I would either load such stuff in a car and take it to Goodwill, and they would just take everything. Once though (before moving to CH) I actually paid a “junk removal” company who came to my apartment and also removed cheap furniture and larger such things that were not worth my effort to sell etc. There is the concept of a garage sale but for me this is not worth the effort in the least.

How is the situation in CH? Maybe for clothes I can just shove them in one of those big donation bin things? Maybe I can take the newer or higher quality stuff to a 2nd hand store first. I also have a couple higher value music equipment items I will go to actual music stores to sell. But I don’t have time to deal with selling stuff myself online.

Once I get to the cheap junk stuff though, what can I do? Are there junk removal companies? Or drive to Salvation Army and see what they will take and then put the rest in the actual garbage??

I don’t know how much cheap junk stuff you have, but assuming you have access to a car, you should be able to throw it away at your local déchetterie. The one I go to has a giveaway section for things that still deserve a second life, and they have large donation bins for clothes as well.

Easiest way is to take in a car to waste disposal places. You can even hire moving companies to do this for you but obviously they charge a premium.

Ah cool; yeah a fair amount of stuff that is giveaway cheap but could deserve a second life. Déchetterie is I guess just Wertstoff-Sammelstelle, like a city one? I remember now going to some recycling center that seemed more private in Switzerland, but I am blanking on the name now.

I might anyways rent a vehicle a day for moving some things so I could do it then.

Can you just pull up to a Brockenhaus with a loaded vehicle and get them to look through it and maybe buy some stuff or do you have to make an appointment?

You can talk to them in advance but their m.o. is like that: they come to your place and see what you want to get rid of/sell and offer you a price for what they’re willing to buy and load all that suff into their vehicle. I guess that’s a big part of their profit.