Phishing SMS - DPD package

Just received the following SMS (MMS) with DPD logo and all. I was actually expecting a package from, but was surprised to see this message. Upon carefully looking at it , I noticed fake url. So decided not to click it. Looks like addresses are getting leaked if you order something online (in my case I recently placed orders on C&A site).

Wir können Ihr Paket leider nicht zustellen. Ihr Paket ist noch nicht zugestellt. Bitte geben Sie die erforderlichen Informationen ein.Bitte aktualisieren Sie:
Nous n’avons pas pu livrer votre colis parce que vous n’avez pas terminé les étapes nécessaires

Yeah, these are certainly among the more successful and believable phishing attempts due to how often many people are ordering stuff online. I am not sure how widely used DPD is in Switzerland though, at least I have rarely seen it vs other carriers.

It’s one of the most common ones around here, I see their vans go down the street a couple of times a day.

I’ve not had one of those messages from DPD yet but have received a couple supposedly from DHL.

Yeah I think DHL would definitely make me look twice if I was expecting something.

Indeed. Especially since DHL do send legitimate SMS messages so I always look at them carefully.

I had something similar a couple of weeks ago claiming to come from DHL and reported it here as an incident:

The web site that I was asked to visit in the bogus SMS has in the mean time been blocked in that the browser gives a “bogus site” warning.

I dont think so... they are just getting blasted all over the place, because chances are somebody ordered something somewhere.