Pillar 3b w/ Generali

Dear all,

I recently spoke with a financial consultant and they are suggesting I move from my existing Pillar 3 investment company to Generali. Does anyone have experience with Generali? Is it worth moving?

After some research I see little benefit… They can all invest in roughly the same financial vehicles depending on how you plan it, no? I am happy where I am and honestly do not want to move unless Generali is truly stellar.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

Here is a link in German to an article that compares banks and insurers for 3rd pillar. The headline for insurers says “expensive and inflexible”…

Säule 3a: Bank oder Versicherung? | VZ VermögensZentrum (vermoegenszentrum.ch)

Question: does your financial consultant get a referral bonus? :wink:

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Thanks for the article; useful, appreciated.

Yes, he probably does - LOL, such is life.

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Did the “financial consultant” cold-call you or approach you in another unsolicited way? I was once recommended a Generali Vision product by deVere Group after being cold-called. It would have been an inflexible money sink for me but lucrative for the self-described “independent financial adviser” (aka salesman)/deVere.

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I remember reading an article comparing pure 3a with independent insurance elsewhere and these combined 3a saving and insurance. Conclusion: independent from 3a better conditions.

Ah, another trick is when you want mortgage with 3a “amortization” - all mortgage “free” advisers wanted to get me into this schema of 3a with insurance. I wonder why…

had the same situation.
I think they get procentage of your insurance amount.

I would say, go away from it. you are then fixed with them, you loose a lot of money if you want to go away from them,…
when you have pure 3a, you can invest every year in another 3a fond if you want. when you are signed with insurance, it is not so easy (or not possible at all as far as I understood)…

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