Pure risk life insurance - Swiss Life, SquareLife or Viac (or something else)?


I bought a 500k pure risk life insurance (term life insurance for death) from SwissLife around one month ago. The premium is around 1.5k with ~250 chf risk bonus as of now.

The main motivation is to protect our family as we are planning to have kids.

However, I lately heard a few options which could be better suited (cheaper):

1) Viac Life - ~572 CHF for 300k death + disability

2) Turtleneck by SquareLife - ~150 CHF for 500k

3) SquareLife through SafeSide - ~936k for 500k (29 years fixed)

With option no. 1 and 2, the premiums are not stable and could increase but the current values are very low compared to SwissLife policy.

I am now regretting my option, however also quite confused by these offers.

1) For e.g., Viac provides insurance through Helvetia as well, but Helvetia is much more expensive directly, although with fixed premiums?

2) SquareLife is a new company, and not sure if I can trust it well.

Do you have any opinions on what's the best option? I would like to ensure that we have total life insurance of ~1mil.

Should I cancel my SwissLife policy and accept the loss of 1.5k, or should I continue that option? Do these other offers look reasonable?

Bumping for interest. You say "premiums are not stable", what might they depend on?

Here is what I've previously seen written on this forum, not sure if it's helpful for you, just reporting. The general consensus seemed to be that life insurance in Switzerland is quite expensive compared to, e.g. UK or neighbouring countries. So, the advice was to go abroad to get a life insurance. But, again, not sure if true or whether it's helpful for you.