Radio-/Fernsehsignal from Glattwerk

Hi All,

We recently moved to a new apartment and for the first time the utility company - Glattwerk - has sent us a bill that includes the item:


in the amount of 49 CHF.

The apartment comes with a Sunrise fiber link that we use.

Is this fee linked to the fiber connection? Is it because of something else? Does it replace the Serafe bill?

In our previous apartment, there was not a fiber link. We had to use a WIFI router that itself wirelessly connected to the local Sunrise antenna. The Glattwerk bill that we received at that apartment had no mention of


We don't mind paying our fair share, we would just like to know why we are paying 600 CHF per year for something.



No, you still need to pay Serafe.

And ask Glattwerk? You probably pay for the Glasfiber connection.

Possibly in your old apartment the cost was included in your Nebenkosten.

This is a physical connection.

Even if you had a wireless connection to sunrise it is possible you had to pay for the physical connection anyway.

It seems like you are not surprised at this kind of charge.

OK, I will talk to Glattwerk about this. Thanks for your reply!

-We pay Serafe fee for the content

-We pay the communal fee for transporting the signal via cable-tv infrastructure to our house on top of that. CHF 116.30 annualy

Since we use the internet via cable we have to pay for that. If we were using the phonelines or 5G or any other service, we could call the Gemeinde and they would terminate the cable signal.

As it turned out, the previous tenant had a Glattwerk feed into the apartment. They had not bothered to close it and so I was being charged.

I called Glattwerk and they sent someone to close the outlet. Now I won't have to pay for the line.

For those of you who are interested, the Glattwerk guy literally covered the outlet with a metal cover. That was it. I had a fiber line in the States and never saw that done.