'renting' blue zone parking for the day

I will have a moving truck visit my place (Zurich) and they need to have Blue Zone permit for the day.

I've been told the moving company can do the "registration" / buying the blue zone parking permit [something like 250chf for 1 day]

AND I heard that I (me, personally) can buy the parking permit and same some money.

I'd like to do it myself -

Is it worth it? Where do I go to buy the permit? what details do I need to make the purchase (day needed, company name....)


You need to call the local police and they will arrange it for you. Probably easier to let the moving company do it, though. Why do you want to do it yourself?

250.- CHF for a blue zone day pass is ludicrously expensive.

In Lausanne you can get half/full day passes for blue zone parking for 12/24 CHF in the city centre or 8/15 in the periphery. The cards are available from the parking office and can be used on any day.


There is no need to register a number plate or pre-decide day, you buy the card in advance from the parking office and scratch off the day/month when you use it. And it can be used in any blue parking spot at any address. Perhaps larger trucks might need e.g. 2 passes (? no idea, but it could be possible), but I canā€™t imagine how a cost of 250.- CHF would be justified (unless the company is trying rot Switzerland you).

I think this web page is for the same thing in Zurich, although such passes cannot be used in Kreis 1:


I think the OP means he wants to reserve blue zone spaces for a removal truck. This involves the local plod putting up No-waiting signs showing a timeframe. This is what costs extra.

I donā€™t know how much it costs but there is certainly more to it than just renting a blue space for a day here.

The police put up no parking signs and tape off the spaces to be used by the removal truck from the day before they need it to ensure nobody uses those spaces. I imagine the price depends on the number of spaces being utilised.

Some years back, I was booking a space for moving truck in Zurich and had to contact the local police station. With them, I booked it over the phone but better is in person. I think the cost was between 75 and 100 CHF. It needs to be done at least some days before the actual move, so that they can put out the signs etc.

you can reserve a parking by contacting the city police. https://www.stadt-zuerich.ch/pd/de/iā€¦ervierung.html

On website of the city of Zurich it isnā€™t stated how much it costs. It is certainey more than the 15 franks for a daily parking permit for blue zone since the authorities have to send someone to put a sign on the parking space you need.

This link really just tells you that you need to reserve it with the local police ... and takes you to the list of police stations

Thanks everyone.

Here are some details I may have omitted:

* I need 2 spaces (that's what the moving company told me)

* I want to do it myself because I heard it was MUCH cheaper then if the moving company does it

* The moving company quoted me 250chf for the 2 spots for the day

I will go to the local police station and see what they have to say.

Again - thanks for the help.

This shows the calculation, it also lists the competent stations per Kreis

So, assuming 18m field in the blue zone (typically needs 3 posts, is deemed space for three cars => rent costs), thatā€™s what I make of it:
3x (10+20) [post rent + work] + 20+20 [transport there and back] + rent for the field = 130 + rent
rent for 18m in the blue zone is 15 + 3x15
gives 190 total.

Mileages may well vary, and do in the white zone.

Personally I would let the moving company do it then they are doing exactly what they need and if something does not work on the day of moving then they need to fix ...

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In BS, you just go to the police, specify the address and they hand over the cones for you to put out a few days in advance. BL varies from community to community, but in my gemeinde (BL), it's 20 francs per day.

ZuĢˆrich's police will tow transgressors, if any, making sure the field is indeed free.