Renting out your own car privately

I’m looking forward to rent out my car privately, since 97% of time it stays in the garage and gathers dust.
So far I found only two service providers for this topic:

  • Gomore
  • 2EM

I cannot find more, so it’s surprisingly few. They also have quite high commissions (22-25%).
Do you know more? Or do you have any experience with these services?

No, but I read this review some time ago. To me it sounds horrible and tedious, and I would just sell my car instead.

Maybe it would make sense to sell the car and rent somebody else’s car for the 3% of the time you need it.


It looks like it’s a job in itself. If you have plenty of time on your hands…then go for it.
There’s also this attachment thinggy. Would never rent my car to other people…so if you can get rid of that feeling…:smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s what I thought too about my home, and yet Airbnb became huge!

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Airbnb would never work for me!! We rented our property back home but I know the tenants and I know they treat my house as if it was their own. Dealing with tourists of various debatable qualities is not really appealing…as of yet! But who knows… :joy:
Anyway, on AirbnB you can rate both the owners and the renters so it helps with diminishing the risks.

Just sell the car and get yourself Mobility for when you need it. A lot less hassle.