Repatriation of Adult son, who is dependent, medical issues

Hi all

Our son came to live with us 30.6.23 in Vaud. An application was made for a resident permit, announced at Canton, all the usual things. His application was refused because of his age. He's 22. He has mental health issues which were spiralling out of control, which is why we brought him here. We have the right to appeal, which of course we will try. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that may be of any help in this situation. No negative feedback please, thank you so much, in advance ☺️

Is he in the care of a psychiatrist? A letter from his Dr. saying that he needs to live with you would probably help the most? You could also contact KESB. I am not sure if they could help, but worth a try?

@swisscanmom Thank you! Yes, because of all the paperwork, it's taken some time to get to see our family doctor, get insurance etc etc, his first psychiatrist appointment is this Wednesday. Our Family Dr thinks he could be autistic, I will talk with the psychiatrist on Wednesday. I've not heard of KESB before but I'll definitely give that a shot also! Thank you 👌🏼

There’s some info on…in-switzerland

So the advice about getting a formal declaration that he’s dependent is the starting point, and then which of these rules are included in the new UK agreement or are you just a third country for this purpose.

Friends in sort of similar circumstances were able to bring their young adult child here short term under a medical visa.

Under this visa the cost of treatment must be fully funded by yourselves, your son is not eligible for Swiss health insurance. And, of course this is a limited time visa.

The medical visa was arranged by the clinic where the young man was treated. His was inpatient treatment, which was key to proving need to be here I believe. I don’t know if this route would be available if your son were to opt for out patient treatment.

Not a long term solution, but it gave the family some immediate help, and bought them time as the family worked on a long term strategy for care back in their home country.

A difficult time for the family, I hope a solution is found. Wishing you all the very best.

You are responsible for your children until they are 18 or children over that age until they complete what might be described as their professional education - an apprenticeship or primary college degree. That is the basis for getting a permit for an offspring under normal circumstances.

I know of two cases where families got permits for older children and in both cases the critical decision point was that the children had their health issues diagnosed while the parents still had a duty to maintain them.

I would expect that to succeed an appeal would need a medical diagnosis and it would be very beneficial if it happened that that diagnosis occurred during a period where you had a responsibility to maintain your son.

Yes, the key point will be health insurance cover. There is a strong chance that, unfortunately, this won't be possible in the circumstances. What a difficult situation for you.

Here’s a list of all the KESB centres in Switzerland.

They’re called ‘Autorités de protection de l’enfant et de l’adulte’ (APEA) in french.…iste_APEA.xlsx