Report tail gators

Is there a way to report tail gators? Is seems that since the speed limit has changed on the albis pass to 60 if you are a good citizen people drive right up close and flash you even though I’m following the speed limit to a point where it’s driving me mad.

I’m seeing it more and more now that people are tail gating the whole time to a point where it’s very dangerous.

And no it’s not that I’m driving slowly, just following the speed limit as I’ve had way too many speeding fines...

Could I for example download dashcam footage and send it to the police?

In all fairness, driving at the left most lane at or below the speed limit is annoying. Be a good citizen and move to the right.

I think you are misunderstanding the problem here. Do you know the Albis pass and how many lanes it is (or in this case, isn't)?

And park on the mountain? It’s a single lane road 😎

Indeed,rude. No need to flash the car in front when it's easy to overtake and bye bye!

About the camera, I cannot find a reference now but it's more or less like police is willing to watch video when they "ask for witness(es) after an accident or very dangerous incident" happens. If there's no call for witness, proactively sending videos to police won't be appreciated.

Anyway, there's a simple test. If it's 1 or 2 cars behind, no worries. If more than 2 cars, maybe someone's missing the speed limit sign, either you or them. If the others missed the sign, let them pass and enjoy the view of the speed camera flashing other car.

While I wouldn’t do it when I was 18-30, today I just find somewhere safe to pull over and let them by. My philosophy is now “better in front than behind”.

If I have the time I’d report it to the police and ask them if they want to see the video.

You can also come to a full stop, put on the hazard lights, go to their vehicle and politely ask what is the emergency / problem with your vehicle, since it's the only reason you expect another reasonable driver to keep flashing you - I'm sure they'll appreciate

I did something similar. A car had been tailgating me inches from my back bumper on a dark country road.

When we arrived at the next town, and at a red light, I got out, walked to the back of my car and opened the tailgate.

I then walked to the car behind and asked him whether he wanted to get in.

He was speechless, and went red.

I didn't hold up any traffic. It embarrassed my kids in the car though.


But as a woman, there is no chance I would ever consider doing this - provoking a man, in traffic or otherwise, can be dangerous.

I read the title as "Report tail alligators!"

In hindsight, it wasn't very clever with kids in the car but it was in a town in a queue of traffic.

The tailgating here is terrible.

It's basically aggression (but naturally in a cowardly way as they are protected by their two-tonne steel cage), trying to force people off the road.

If you are one metre behind someone or twenty metres behind someone on an open road, it will make no difference to your journey time.

Nor will going a few kilometres an hour faster.

If you have a problem with time then leave a few minutes earlier instead of harassing other people.

My other solution is to stop looking in the mirror. Amazing how that relieves the stress.

My dad used to say "it's not my business what's happening behind me!"

(this post should not be considered an endorsement of his approach)

Perhaps a message on the rear end might help.

In Switzerland that would have to be in (at least) 3 of the 4 national languages.

In fact English is probably your poorest choice. French, Italian and German would come before.

Not just as a woman. I have witnesses two guys starting a fist fight at a red light in Zürich... too many crazy people out there.

get one of these


Or look for this button in your car, I've heard this light is handy to deal with this issue