Responsibility for tampering with the fuse box in the common area

;TLDR My neighbour is messing with fuses from time to time, which once caused my wife to fall in the bathroom. Police, Verwaltung or what?

Long story: my neighbour in Zurich has a list of neurological issues but is fully legally competent and allowed to live alone. He has good days and bad months but mostly harmful apart from shouting at all other neighbours, smashing on walls at any time of the day or night and stealing or damaging mail packages. All these allegations are hard to proof, especially since this neighbour blocks installation of security cameras in common areas. We are working on this issues with Verwaltung, but it seems like they can’t do much - although middleaged and physically strong man he has some kind of protected status, which we are not allowed to know any details of.

Lately he started to mess with fuses, which once caused my wife to lose orientation and fall in the bathroom hurting a leg, an arm and a head. Nothing too serious this time but still very concerning. It was in the middle of the day, not even during a quite period.

In your opinion, is it something to report to police for сausing bodily harm, endangering the life and health of residents through interference with critical infrastructure, grid disturbance, or will he get away with that again? Thanks in advance for any opinions.

Complain to building management that someone is f*cking with the fusebox and ask them to secure it with a key.


Join the Mieterverband and get some advice from them. They will know how far you can push things with the landlord. Messing with fuses is pretty risky, and if he’s messing with fuses you don’t know what else he’s fiddling with which might only become apparent when it’s too late.

REGISTERED letter to verwaltung, every time something happens. When someone is injured as a result, inform your accident insurance of the circumstances, they will be keep to speak to the (alleged) third parties’ insurance company…

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