Riding on motorcycle learners permit


I am about to order a bike for march, where I will start learning and riding on the learners permit (canton zug). The issue is that one of the clauses of the learners permit is that you cannot drive on motorways.

Question to anyone that has done this - how much of Switzerland can you actually drive to, without ever touching a motorway ? I am not familiar with the road network in the whole CH, but knowing how things are in other countries, there are always places where you _need_ to go on motorway, even if for a very short stretch.

All of it.


Where do you get that clause from?

I rode for 1 year with a learners permit, and used motorways freely.

Nobody mentioned anything about it.

It is hard to find info online about this. I also see conflicting statements.

My current understanding is this (taken from a reddit thread from 2021):

You must not use the Autobahn before you are ready for the practical test. In general not before you did the mandatory basic training.

So I assume that it is after you take the 12h mandatory course.