Road from Poschiavo to Trento (SS42)


Has anyone driven SS42 from Poschiavo / Tirano to Trento?

I am looking for scenic drives from here to Lake Garda, and this came up. But according to Google Maps, I should expect average speed of 55 km/h and the road looks really narrow in Street View. We don’t want to waste lots of time being stuck behind some local trucks for long.

Any experience? Is it worth it? The alternative is via Val Venosta and Merano, which we have done many times before.

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Tripadvisor agrees. But tractors may be unlikely this time of the year, unlike crazy bikes.

Note: April 25 is Italy’s Liberation Day, May 1 is Workers Day, both are national holidays. Also, there are some war memorials in the area if you’re into that stuff.

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Some of the comments seem to refer to the piece of SS42 from Bozen to Mendelpass - this I know and is a great road if you like curves. We would come from Tirano and turn south onto SS43 in Ponte di Mostizollo towards Lake Garda.

If we have time, I probably just try it.