Rules for transporting bulky items in the car

Hey all,

if I am transporting some large item in the car (e.g. a table top), what are the requirements in terms of the road visibility for the driver to keep (mainly on the right side and backwards obviously)?

Are there other rules to consider (outside of the common sense, that the item should you move and hit you or prevent from operating car controls such as gears, etc.)?


After trying the item I am specifically interested in whether it is allowed to fully obscure the rear mirror view (and the whole rear window), while the 180 degree frontal visibility for the driver is intact

I'm not an expert, but I see delivery vans with rear window painted, so we can assume the driver does not see anything out of the rear mirror. If the front and side mirrors are not obscured, then I think you're good.

I just stuck the item in the boot with the hatch open and hoped no policemen were on the route back home.

Yes, this is fine. e.g. Goods trucks and work vans have no rearward visibility apart from their wing mirrors.

I thought about this too, but did not find it necessarily convincing as there are other examples of safety measures that are not mandatory on all vehicles but are mandatory to use when present, e.g. seat belts for passengers

For the record, a few more pointers that I found:…bt?id=10833356

“The field of vision towards the front must not be impaired, as well as the viewing angle 90 degrees to the left and right. For example, a fan pennant from your favorite football club is not permitted on the rearview mirror.
You can place objects on the rear window shelf, provided the car has rear-view mirrors on the left and right. If these two rear-view mirrors exist, it is also possible to stick stickers on the rear window or the two rear side windows, as can be the case with delivery vans, for example.”


“Only loads that do not obstruct the view are permitted on loading areas in front of and next to the driver’s seat.” → does not mention loads behind the driver

I've often driven with the rear view mirror obscured - e.g. when going on holiday with 4 other adults. You just use your door mirrors. It's normal.

Are they really wing mirrors? I thought they were mounted on the bonnet. I've not driven one like that since 1990. It was horrible. Not this car, but these are wing mirrors?