Salt increased their prices during contractual period


So this is a new one for me. I just noticed my Salt bill got increased with a nice 3 % (not a bit amount, but it's the concept that actually pissed me off). In the whole EU this has never happened to me, while being under a contract (24 months). Off course they sent an email (which nobody reads) regarding this:


The operating costs of Salt and many other service providers have increased significantly over the last 18 months, especially energy and labour costs. This is also forcing Salt to adjust the list prices of some of its mobile subscriptions by about 3%. PrePay and offers with devices as well as options and large company contracts are not affected by the price adjustment.


So, when I called and asked why, the simple reason was "inflation" )

Anyone has a similar experience? the idea is that I have only 3 more months with them and will probably switch to Swisscom or Wingo, but noting that this is "legal" here.. and having some doubts that anyone can change the game midway.

Check your terms and conditions. Normally the contract allows for an annual price increase at or around the rate of inflation.

If you don't agree with the price increase you can usually cancel your agreement without penalty even if you are within your minimum contractual term.

I would suggest cancelling it sooner rather than later though, there might be some time limit.

Typocall if they change conditions you can leave the contract without any time penalty etc. What you cannot do is force them to stick to the contract, unfortunately TIS.

Sunrise did the same (CHF35 -> 35). They don't understand the meaning of contract.

It will cost them my business when renewal comes. Hopefully, the companies that sate their prices are "for life" actually mean that...

I will keep for this month what I have with them, and wait for "Black Friday" to switch --> or any offer that would be decent enough --> Right now it seems that most have only a Halloween offer, which is not what I need.

I cancelled Salt today but told them I want to port my number as my contract was up in January.

I didn’t like the price increase but also I do find the network patchy near home as well as on my way to the office. They offered a new sim as they said they have only a certain lifespan which I have never heard of. I guess they may mean a 5g sim but my current phone only has 4g anyway although will be getting one with 5g soon. I would have thought 5g is even less stable in the s-bahn for example.

Are there any good sites to see the network coverage as the salt map says it is great when it’s not. I do recall seeing one years ago which showed no coverage right before my house and it was accurate but cannot find that anymore.

If salt had ok service I would probably switched to Lidl which is also on salt and had a good offer a few months back. Guess I will be checking Black Friday deals as well.

Went to Swisscom today (and with them I already have all the "home" services + mobile subscription) got an offer, but in the end it was more expensive than what I currently pay Salt.

As per coverage, Salt is pretty crappy, Swisscom is way better.

As a suggestion to switch, Wingo(smaller Swisscom company) uses Swisscom Network, so they might be worth looking into on BF "offers" , dunno anything about Yallo or other smaller providers thou

Gomo (Salt) had all inclusive in CH for 9.95, now 12.95.
I’m with Digital Republic (sunrise) and pay 4 a month for unlimited but slow data (only).

I have also decided to switch to gomo. If you need only internet there are 5fr monthly options on alao.

Another good deal imo is galaxus, that would be sunrise network though

Isn‘t the Sunrise network generally better than salt’s. The gomo offer is very good price wise though. Price wise salt are hard to beat if you need calls to and in Europe (one or the other is usually excluded by the other providers which you need to get an additional expensive option to cover)

Galaxus (sunrise) and m budget (Swisscom) can be interesting if you need multiple subscriptions due to the family options.

This was discussed a couple of times. It depends where you live it seems, for some it is salt for some sunrise.

Yes, galaxus and m have multiple sim. Also good if you want it on different devices.

Sunrise is dreadful here so it really depends on where you live.

So flipside

Since Salt started having BF promotions --> I resubscribed with them for the all inclusive abo (basically what I had before), but cheaper than what I had initially ---> and ty for letting me know that I can get out of an abo when they breach the contract by raising the costs

just some info, Galaxus doesn't advertise the fact that you can't use data roaming on the second sim. This was a pretty big issue for me. They said they are workimg with Sunrise for a fix, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Hello, it's quite common practice, but you have to read the contract carefully...

Honestly, since you can change operator very easily now (be careful with the notice and the duration of commitment anyway), I don't see any interest to pay price increases...