Saltine Crackers in CH?

Anyone know where I can get something equivalent to saltine crackers in CH?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Would they be the same as Pavesi crackers (or similar) available at most supermarkets?


Thanks Tom1234 !!!

Where did you get these?

Didn’t seem them online / at Coop or Migro.

“Saltine” crackers are the go-to for stomach challenges.

Ooops. Sorry. I searched coop and migro but didn’t realize these were saltines. Thanks for waking me up. Big help.

I’m quite partial to the Darvida crackers. Are they anything like Saltines (which I’ve never had)?

Darvida crackers are whole grain, right?

Saltines are made with plain white flour. They are closer to Jacob’s cream crackers, which are available at some Coop and Migros stores.